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We take our environmental and ethical responsibilities very seriously and are committed to continuous improvement in this area. It is important to us that you can feel good about the gift you are giving and we are constantly looking for greener ways to package our orders. Our internet orders are packaged using as little plastic as possible and on the occasion that we do have to use plastic mailing bags we make sure that they are biodegradable. A large proportion of our gift boxes are made from recycled paper and you will often see that our shipping boxes are reused (we hope you don’t mind but why recycle when you can reuse!).

We recycle our unwanted paper at Sarah Ashworth HQ and are super thrifty with our resources! 

Running our business in an ethical and fair way is fundamentally core to our beliefs. We check our supplier ethical policies and purchase fair trade and locally sourced products where we can. We are continuously working on this area, subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates!

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